Wine Industry Award [MA000090]

Who the Wine Award covers

The Wine Award covers employers in the wine industry and their employees who fit within the classifications of the award.

The wine industry is the growing and processing of wine grapes. This includes:

  • the preparation of land for planting and pruning of wine grape vines by
    • caring, growing, treating, picking, harvesting and forwarding wine grapes that are linked with a wine grape vineyard
  • the processing of wine grapes, producing wine juice or spirits by
    • the bottling, packaging, storing or dispatching of wine, brandy or other portable spirits, liqueurs, vinegar or grape juice that is linked with a winery or wine distillery (these include cellar door sales, laboratory activities, making or repairing barrels)
  • the packaging, storing and dispatching of wine or grape spirit from a warehouse facility or place of storage linked with a winery or wine distillery.

Examples of employers and employees covered by the Wine Award include:

  • cellar door salespersons
  • packers and bottlers
  • boiler attendants
  • forklift drivers
  • laboratory attendants.

The Wine Award also covers labour hire businesses and their employees who are placed with an organisation in the wine industry.

Check the award for full information on who is covered and the classification descriptions. 

Source reference: Wine Industry Award [MA000090] clauses 2, 4 and schedule A.

Who the Wine Award doesn’t cover

The following are examples of employers and employees who are not covered by the Wine Award:

  • wine retail stores not linked with a winery
  • employees who work at a restaurant located at a winery
  • bus/van drivers and tour guides employed by wine tour businesses.

Check the award for full information on coverage and classifications.

Source reference: Wine Industry Award [MA000090] clauses 2, 4 and schedule A.

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