Uniforms, vehicle & travel entitlements

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Most awards require employers to pay for uniforms and protective clothing (like aprons and steel cap boots). Your employer may also need to pay an allowance to cover washing costs and replace uniforms due to normal wear and tear.

Uniform entitlements don’t stretch to include general dress standards required by an employer, like wearing clothes of a certain colour or that are clean and in good condition.

Before you spend your own money on the company shirt, check your award entitlements with the industry filter below. If you’re covered by an enterprise agreement you should check it instead.

As part of their job, employees may be required to:

  • wear uniforms
  • drive vehicles and/or
  • travel to other locations.

In these situations an employee may be entitled to a payment or repayment, depending on the industry and the job they do.

Employees required to buy work related items can’t be forced by their employer to use their wages to pay for these items, if the requirement is unreasonable.

If you're covered by an enterprise agreement or other registered agreement, payments for uniforms, vehicles and travel will be contained in your agreement. To find an agreement, go to the Fair Work Commission website external-icon.png .

Find more information about payments for uniforms, vehicles and travel in your award by selecting from the list below.

Horticulture Award

Based on what you've told us, it looks like you're covered by the Horticulture Award 2010 [MA000028].

The Horticulture Award doesn't have any rules about uniforms or special clothing.

Vehicle and travel entitlements

Travel costs and travel time

Employees travelling from 1 place to another have to be paid for all time spent travelling between the locations at the appropriate rate. The time will be counted as time worked.

When an employee has to spend the night away from the normal place they sleep because of work, they will be reimbursed the demonstrable cost of suitable accommodation.

This payment isn’t paid when the employer provides suitable accommodation for free.

To find out more about who this award applies to, go to the Horticulture Award summary.

Source reference: Horticulture Award 2010 [MA000028] clause 17.1(e)  external-icon.png

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Source reference: Fair Work Act 2009 ss.325(1) external-icon.png

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