Our priorities

Our priority industries and issues for 2019-20 are:

  • fast food, restaurants and cafes
  • horticulture/harvest trail
  • supply chain risks
  • franchisors
  • sham contracting.

Vulnerable workers will continue to be a priority, as will matters that:

  • are of significant public interest or concern
  • demonstrate a blatant disregard of laws or repeat offending
  • are of significant scale or impact on workers or the community
  • present as opportunities to test the law or use new parts of the law (eg. Protecting Vulnerable Workers, General Protections and / or Accessorial Liability).

While we will focus on these priority areas in 2019–20, we continue to monitor compliance more broadly and take action where needed, including on emerging and unforeseen issues.

Download our  Compliance and Enforcement Priorities 2019-20 (PDF 195.2KB)

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