New Fair Work Ombudsman website

Published 23 October 2021 | Updated 26 October 2021

Welcome to our new website.

The new design and structure make it easier for you to find the information and advice you need, when you need it, on any type of device.

What to do now

Most of your bookmarked pages will be redirected to their new location if the page has moved. If you can’t find a page you’re looking for, simply use our site search, available at the top of every page.

You can also:

  • tell us what you think about our new website design and structure using our feedback form
  • register for My account for personalised workplace information, help and advice
  • subscribe to email updates so you can keep up to date with important workplace information.

New website design

The updates to our website are based on customer feedback, research and best practice to ensure you can easily find the information you need on our website.

The website is easy to use and navigate on a wide range of devices including mobile and tablets.

New design for our Pay and Conditions Tool

We’ve also updated our Pay and Conditions Tool with the new design.

How you use it hasn’t changed. You can still find wages and penalty rates, calculate leave, and work out entitlements when employment ends.

Updated structure

We’ve re-organised some of our information and resources into clearer, simpler pathways to help you quickly find the information you need.

Our Pay, Leave and Ending employment sections haven’t changed significantly. ’Pay’ has been re-labelled ‘Pay & wages’.

We’ve also re-organised existing information to create 2 new sections:

Starting employment

The new Starting employment section gathers existing information and resources for employers and employees before or at the start of the employment relationship. It includes:

  • hiring employees
  • before starting employment
  • probation
  • types of employees (for example, full-time, part-time, casual, shiftworkers)
  • unpaid work (for example, work experience, trials and student placements).

Employment conditions

Designed for people looking for information about conditions for current employees, the Employment conditions section covers topics such as:

  • awards and agreements
  • hours of work (including breaks, rosters and RDOs)
  • public holidays
  • flexible working arrangements
  • discrimination, bullying and harassment
  • workers compensation
  • industrial action and union membership
  • performance in the workplace.

Changes to My account

You’ll notice some changes to My account, including:

  • an updated design to match the rest of the website
  • a new address – your bookmarks will be redirected to the new address when it goes live
  • a new My account homepage with recommended information and resources based on your profile.

There will be some more changes to My account coming soon. If you have a My account, we will email you soon with more information and what we’ll need you to do, including updating your login details.