Small Business Showcase

We’re making it easier for small business owners to access information and resources on workplace laws with our Small Business Showcase

We know small businesses often lack the resources and ready access to professional help that can make it easier to meet their workplace obligations. That’s why we’ve created our new Showcase - an online hub that’s been designed specifically to help you to stay on top of workplace laws. We’ve consolidated a number of resources that are tailored towards assisting small business owners, regardless of what stage their business is at.

Features of the Showcase include:

  • Information on topics that are most relevant to small business owners, such as hiring, paying and managing employees, handling employee requests, and keeping accurate records
  • Short instructional videos which demonstrate how to use our tools and resources, including the Pay Calculator and our Online Learning Centre
  • An interactive small business checklist so that small business owners can check how they rate against critical business requirements.

Visit the Small Business Showcase now.

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