What happens when you ask for our help?

When you report a workplace problem to us, we assess how to best handle the problem.

Reviewing each workplace problem

We review each workplace problem by first considering the following:

What is the problem about?

We will check if the problem relates to the Fair Work Act and is within our jurisdiction. If the problem is about something that we can’t help with, such as bullying, workplace safety or superannuation, another government agency may need to assist. We will refer you to the most appropriate agency if this is the case.

Have you taken steps already to fix the problem?

Check our Resolving your problem in the workplace page for information to help you do this. You can then come back to us if it's not resolved.

How long ago did the problem happen?

We can only help with problems that have happened within the past 6 years. We want to make sure we can help you resolve issues quickly, however, not every workplace problem can be solved quickly or by us.

Collecting information and anonymous reports

We collect information from you about the problem you report to us. The information you provide us is confidential. We won’t contact the other party in a workplace issue unless you give us permission to and have provided their details. Read about how we protect your privacy on our Privacy page.

If you’ve made an anonymous report, we won’t be contacting you about it because:

  • we won’t have your contact details
  • anonymous reports are for tipoffs, not for helping fix a workplace problem.

If you want us to respond to your enquiry but lodged an anonymous report by mistake, check our Fixing a workplace problem page first.

What to expect from us

Our Customer Experience Statement and Customer Service Charter outline our commitment to you and to delivering quality services.

We have a number of services to help you find the information you need and a number of options to get assistance. This includes online, over the phone and in person. Our aim is to help you with your enquiry and assist you in a courteous, respectful and timely way. We seek to treat everyone fairly and without bias. We’ll provide you with practical advice, education and assistance based on the information you give us. If we can’t help you with your enquiry, we’ll direct you to the right place.

If you have made a request for assistance we’ll keep you informed of the progress and outcome, however, we don’t provide legal advice.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of a request for assistance, you can use our feedback form to request a review.

Visit Our commitment to you page for more information.

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