Hiring employees

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Hiring a new employee is an important decision for your business. There are a few things to consider that will make the process easier:

Know the law (and the costs)

Before hiring someone, you need to know:

  • which award or agreement will apply
  • the minimum wage for the role (and whether your business can afford it).

You can use our Pay Calculator to work out what you’ll need to pay a new employee. It will also help you work out which award will apply and if you have to pay employees extra for working overtime or on weekends, known as penalty rates.

You’ll also need to know about your obligations relating to:

Type of employee

Decide on the type of employee you need for your business, as different employees get different entitlements. The most common are:

  • full-time – works an average of 38 hours per week and gets paid annual and sick leave
  • part-time – gets the same entitlements as a full-time employee but works less than 38 hours per week
  • casual – usually works irregular hours and gets a higher pay rate but doesn’t get paid sick leave or annual leave.

The hiring process

Once you’ve done the background preparation and decided that hiring an employee is the right step for you, you can start the hiring process. We understand this can be daunting, so we’ve created a free online course that covers the basics, including:

  • creating a job description and advertising the position
  • shortlisting and interviewing candidates
  • making a job offer
  • setting up a proper induction to make sure your employee feels welcomed and equipped to do their job.

Access the free Hiring employees online course through our Online learning centre.