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41 results for 7-eleven.
  1. 31. Baiada declares ‘moral and ethical’ responsibility to stamp out contractors’ unlawful practices at its worksites - October 2015    Baiada has publicly declared that it has a “moral and ethical responsibility” to join with the Fair Work Ombudsman to stamp out its contractors’ unlawful practices at its worksites.
  2. 32. 7-Eleven store operators to face Court for allegedly paying employees as little as $11 an hour - October 2015    The former owner-operators of a Melbourne 7-Eleven store will face court for allegedly underpaying 12 employees more than $84,000.
  3. 33. 7-Eleven franchisee admits doctoring records and underpaying workers to cut operating costs  - September 2015    A 7-Eleven store in Melbourne has admitted deliberately short-changing its staff by tens of thousands of dollars and doctoring its employment records to cut costs.
  4. 34. 7-Eleven operator faces Court over underpayments - August 2015    The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal proceedings against a 7-Eleven retail store in Sydney which allegedly underpaid two migrant employees almost $50,000 and created erroneous records for the workers.
  5. 35. 7-Eleven operator fined over underpayment - August 2015    The former operator of a 7-Eleven retail store in Queensland has been fined after underpaying an overseas worker more than $21,000 and refusing to co-operate with the Fair Work Ombudsman.
  6. 36. Statement in response to 4-Corners report - May 2015    On Monday, May 4, the ABC 4-Corners current affairs program detailed allegations of mistreatment of overseas workers.
  7. 37. Court action after alleged underpayment of overseas worker at 7-Eleven in Brisbane - February 2015    The operator of a 7-Eleven retail store in Brisbane will face court for allegedly underpaying an overseas worker more than $21,000 and refusing to co-operate with Fair Work inspectors.
  8. 38. Record WA fine against construction company which paid Chinese nationals just $3 an hour - May 2011    A Western Australian construction company which recruited tradesmen from China and paid them less than $3 an hour has been fined $123,000.
  9. 39. Convenience store operators fined $150,000 for underpaying international students - April 2011    The former operators of two 7-Eleven stores in Melbourne and Geelong have been fined a total of $150,000 for deliberately exploiting six international students.
  10. 40. Victorian 7-Eleven campaign results released - September 2010    Seventy per cent of Victoria’s 7-Eleven stores randomly audited by the Fair Work Ombudsman are complying with national workplace laws.