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41 results for 7-eleven.
  1. 21. Record penalties against 7-Eleven operator - May 2016    A 7-Eleven operator in Sydney has been penalised a record $214,200 for deliberately short-changing two migrant employees and falsifying records, following legal action by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
  2. 22. Boardrooms “on notice” to pay attention to their labour supply chains - April 2016    By Natalie James, Fair Work Ombudsman. First published by Fairfax on Saturday April 9.
  3. 23. Statement on 7-Eleven  - April 2016    The Fair Work Ombudsman today released a Report on the findings of its Inquiry into the 7-Eleven franchise network.
  4. 24. Another 7-Eleven store faces Court action - April 2016    Another 7-Eleven store in Brisbane is facing Court for allegedly short-changing its workers, including international students, thousands of dollars.
  5. 25. Food wholesaler penalised $85,000 over “inexcusable” underpayment of workers - February 2016    A Melbourne food wholesaler has been penalised $85,000 for “inexcusable” underpayment of migrant and overseas workers.
  6. 26. Another 7-Eleven store faces Court for allegedly short-changing workers over $82,000 - January 2016    Another 7-Eleven store in Brisbane has allegedly been short-changing its workers tens of thousands of dollars.
  7. 27. More 7-Eleven store operators face Court for allegedly short-changing employees  - January 2016    The Fair Work Ombudsman has announced legal action against the operators of two more 7-Eleven stores for allegedly underpaying their staff tens of thousands of dollars.
  8. 28.  Queensland labour hire operator allegedly underpaid overseas workers $77,000  - January 2016    A labour-hire operator is facing Court for alleged exploitation of workers recruited from Vanuatu to pick fruit and vegetables in Queensland.
  9. 29. Probe into MCG supply chain finds alleged exploitation of visa-holders working as cleaners - January 2016    The Fair Work Ombudsman has launched legal action against the Australian arm of a multi-national company over its alleged involvement in the exploitation of overseas workers at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground.
  10. 30. Security company fined over $60,000  - November 2015    A national security company has been fined tens of thousands of dollars for underpaying one of its own employees and turning a blind eye to a sub-contractor doing the same thing.