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The results of this campaign have shown the benefits of consulting with industry stakeholders to develop a tailored campaign and ensuring industry specific issues are addressed through education or, where appropriate, compliance initiatives.    

The results of audits showed that 516 businesses (74%) were following Australian workplace laws, of note was the Allied Health Services sector, which had a lower compliance rate (63%) than the rest of the industry. The campaign also showed that small businesses and businesses that were not members of an employer or industry association were more likely to have errors. The FWO will continue to work with the industry and stakeholders to address the reasons for the non-compliance.

The FWO is committed to creating a culture of compliance with Australian workplace laws. All businesses that were found to have made errors in the campaign will be re-visited as part of the FWO’s ongoing National Compliance Monitoring Campaign. If more errors are found, the FWO will consider further enforcement action including seeking financial penalties through the courts. 

The FWO will continue to support a culture of compliance by empowering employers and employees to fix any issues within the workplace. To help achieve this, the FWO has released a practical Guide to Resolving Workplace Issues. While the FWO will monitor non-compliant businesses, supporting employers and employees to resolve issues in the workplace provides the best opportunity to maintain productive workplace relationships.

The use of digital media, especially social networks, proved to be effective in communicating the FWO’s information and education messages.

As a result of this campaign, the next steps for the FWO will be to:

  • continue to engage with stakeholders to drive long-term compliance in the sector
  • develop and promote more tools and resources dedicated to helping small businesses
  • share the results to the wider community via media, My Account, social media and email.
  • promote key themes identified in the campaign through communication and media activities and use the findings of this campaign to inform future compliance activities
  • continue to educate employers and employees through innovative educative activities.