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Communication and public awareness

The communication and public awareness strategy was designed to promote the campaign and educate employers and employees on their obligations and entitlements. The strategy focused on the key issues in the sectors based on the discussions with stakeholders during the pre-campaign engagement activities, including:

  • flexible working arrangements
  • hours of work, including the spread of hours
  • leave, including parental leave
  • pay rates
  • types of employment (particularly part-time and casual).

The FWO used a mix of traditional media channels such as radio and television along with a strong digital media focus. Digital media content was viewed 1 470 321 times during the course of the campaign. Digital display advertising had the most views (965 605). 

Facebook content was the most effective, achieving a 4.27% click through rate, above the 0.02% benchmark for government Facebook campaigns. It also resulted in 504 716 views, 11 365 actions (likes, comments and shares) and 2050 new likes for the FWO Facebook page.

Twitter posts resulted in 29 918 views. Samples of Facebook and Twitter posts that were used in this campaign are provided in Appendix B. The campaign also received coverage in traditional media, as detailed in Appendix C.