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The campaign revealed that 83% of businesses were paying their employees correctly, and that 69% of businesses were compliant with all their workplace obligations. It is clear that after their initial interaction with the FWO, most businesses were able to use the advice provided by Fair Work Inspectors to continue to be compliant including up to a number of years later. This is significant as those businesses, many of them small businesses, now have systems and processes in place to continue to be compliant into the future. The campaign also found that in many cases where non-compliance was detected, businesses had made efforts to comply.  However, it is important for all business to comply with all of their workplace relations obligations.

Where businesses had made no or little effort to comply, or where more significant issues remained at the time of this campaign, the FWO took enforcement action. Continuing non-compliance, particularly after being audited by the FWO, will not be tolerated. The FWO will re-audit all businesses issued with any enforcement outcome during this campaign, and will consider putting further instances of non-compliance before the courts to seek financial penalties.