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The results of the campaign reveal that most apprentices were being paid correctly, and most businesses were keeping the correct time and wage records for their apprentices.  Issues were more likely to occur in smaller businesses, or businesses that employed fewer apprentices.  It is also clear that businesses that were not members of employer associations were more likely to have errors with the pay or record keeping of their apprentices. 

The FWO will work collaboratively with stakeholders across industries to educate and support businesses, as well as to ensure ongoing compliance following the release of this report.  The FWO will continue to encourage businesses, particularly small businesses, to consider becoming association members as this report again reveals better levels of compliance amongst association member businesses.  This also highlights the important role the FWO stakeholders continue to have in improving and promoting a culture of ongoing compliance. 

The FWO will:

  • Share results of this campaign with employers via My Account, social media and email subscriptions; and
  • Continue to educate employers of apprentices and apprentices, through media and communication activities.

The FWO views ongoing non-compliance to be of a serious nature.  All businesses that were non-compliant in the campaign will be re-audited as part of the FWO’s ongoing National Compliance Monitoring Campaign. If further non-compliance is detected, the FWO will consider further enforcement action including seeking financial penalties through the courts. 

The FWO will continue to support a culture of compliance by empowering employers and employees to resolve any issues that arise at a workplace level. To assist in achieving this, FWO has recently released a number of practical Guides to Resolving Workplace Issues, which can be accessed on the FWO websiteWhilst the FWO will monitor non-compliant businesses, supporting employers and employees to resolve issues at this level provides the best opportunity to maintain productive workplace relationships.