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Industries profiles

The campaign focused on industries where the FWO received a higher proportion of Requests for Assistance.  From July 2013 to 31 May 2014 for example, the breakdown of total apprentice based Requests for Assistance received by the FWO was:

  • Construction: 523 (37.41%);
  • Hair and Beauty: 234 (16.74%);
  • Hospitality: 158 (11.30%);
  • Manufacturing: 144 (10.30%)
  • Automotive: 132 (9.44%); and
  • Electrical Services: 114 (8.15%)

This campaign did not audit Construction and Hospitality businesses because of recent audit activity in those industries. A summary of comparative findings in relation to apprentices in the Construction industry is provided in Appendix D

Based on the above industries the campaign focused on employers with apprentices undertaking the following apprenticeships:

  • Automotive (e.g. mechanics, panel beaters, auto electricians);
  • Electrical Services (e.g. electricians, equipment technicians);
  • Manufacturing (e.g. welders, boilermakers, fitter/turners, cabinet makers, shopfitters);
  • Hair and Beauty (e.g. hairdressers); and
  • Retail Service Industry (e.g. bakers, pastry cooks, retail butchers).