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Workplace relations settings

The Restaurant Industry Award 2010 (the award) applies to hospitality employees within the La Porchetta network unless an enterprise agreement is in place. If an enterprise agreement applies to a franchise, it is underpinned by the minimum base rates in the award and the National Employment Standards. All other terms and conditions come from the applicable agreement.

The award covers employers in the restaurant industry. This includes restaurants, reception centres, night clubs, cafés and roadhouses as well as any tea room, café, and catering by a restaurant business. Employees covered by the award include those in the industry working as food and beverage attendants, kitchen and cooking staff, administrative and clerical staff, and storepersons.

Currently, under the award, the rates of pay for a permanent part-time or full-time adult Level 1 employee is $18.81 per hour and $19.53 per hour for a Level 2 employee.

Junior rates of pay vary depending on the age of the individual, but range from a 16-year-old and under Level 1 rate of $9.41 per hour and a Level 2 rate of $9.77 per hour, to a 19-year-old receiving $15.99 as a Level 1 employee and a Level 2 employee receiving $16.61 per hour.

Casual employees are entitled to a 25% casual loading on top of these base rates of pay.

Saturday rates of pay incur a 25% penalty loading, while Sunday rates incur a 50% loading. Public holidays incur a 125% loading.

Overtime rates can apply at various times during the course of the week depending on the time and number of hours an employee works, and can be up to double time.