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In response to significant non-compliance identified by the Fair Work Ombudsman [FWO] in some La Porchetta franchisees, La Porchetta and the FWO entered into a Compliance Partnership on 1 April 2014.

Underpinning the Compliance Partnership was a Proactive Compliance Deed (PCD)1, which outlined mechanisms to improve levels of compliance within the La Porchetta service network. The PCD contained a number of commitments for both parties, designed to promote and ensure compliance with Australian workplace laws.

Key features of the partnership included La Porchetta providing workplace relations information, training and support for its franchisees, referral of ‘routine-low’ requests for assistance from employees for resolution and the conduct of regular audits of its network.

During the operation of the Compliance Partnership:

  • the FWO received and referred six ‘routine-low’ requests for assistance from employees to the head franchisor for resolution resulting in the recovery of $5483 for three workers
  • La Porchetta undertook a series of audits, as required, and found that four sites were not fully compliant.

As the level of identified non-compliance during, and at the expiration of, the Compliance Partnership was low, the FWO is satisfied the support and systems put in place by the head franchisor has resulted in franchisees being more aware of their workplace obligations and understanding the importance of complying with them.

La Porchetta entered into a second PCD with the Fair Work Ombudsman on 6 July 2018 for a period of three years, expiring on 6 July 2021.

  1. Executed by both parties - See – La Porchetta PCD