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While La Porchetta had some issues of non-compliance within its network prior to entering into the PCD, most noticeably identified at the stores of Pakenham and Berwick, following the execution of the PCD, La Porchetta improved its systems and processes to increase compliance across the network.

By conducting formal training for new franchisees and providing ongoing and up-to-date information (in digital and hard copy) to ensure that their franchisees are aware of the information La Porechetta adopted a strong leadership role in ensuring its franchisees were compliant with their workplace relations obligations.

Initial audits of the service network showed that while generally compliant, some areas of non-compliance did exist. These issues were comprehensively addressed by La Porchetta with the particular franchisees.

La Porchetta has worked closely with external law firm, HR Legal, and the FWO to assist the brand ensure ongoing and sustainable compliance throughout its service network.

The relatively low number of RfAs from La Porchetta employees along with the results of self-audits conducted under the PCD showed an improvement in general compliance across the La Porchetta network.