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About the Fair Work Ombudsman

The FWO is an independent agency created by the Fair Work Act 2009 on 1 July 2009. Our main role is to promote harmonious, productive and cooperative workplace relations.

The FWO employs a number of strategies to achieve compliance with national workplace laws.  This includes entering into proactive compliance deeds with employers in the form of a compliance partnership. A Compliance Partnership is an opportunity for businesses to work with the FWO in a positive and constructive manner and achieve sustainable self-monitoring arrangements in order to demonstrate commitment to ‘fair Australian workplaces’. 

Employers may seek to enter into a Compliance Partnership with the FWO for a variety of reasons.  Some of these reasons include:

  • ensuring its obligations under the Act are being met
  • a method of identifying and minimising business risks with respect to its employees
  • to demonstrate that it is a fair Australian workplace and potentially an employer of choice
  • to address potential areas of non-compliance with the Act.

A range of activities can be utilised to assist the business meet the intended outcomes of the Compliance Partnership, for example, self-auditing of wages and record-keeping, initiatives to engage with employees to improve compliance, and mutually beneficial improvements to employment and business outcomes by focussing on supply chain, brand and franchise relationships.

A business that enters into a partnership with the FWO is assigned a dedicated Fair Work Officer who provides support and assistance to the business to ensure they are able to meet the terms of the proactive compliance deed. A publicly available report is published at the conclusion of each Compliance Partnership.

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