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The findings and recommendations within this Inquiry provide an opportunity for Councils (and all heads of supply chains) to effect change within their industry from the top down. This starts with Councils having full awareness of the total cost of the worker when they assess tenders, and ensuring they award their security contracts to businesses that are ethical, pay their workers correctly, and provide value for money, not necessarily the lowest price. Once the contracts are in place, Councils can then ensure they continue to impact this industry-wide change by putting measures in place to monitor ongoing compliance within their supply chains. Making these changes will also ensure businesses don’t benefit from winning contracts by underpaying staff and discourage such behaviour from occurring as the consequence will be to lose out on the highly desirable Council contracts.

The FWO will continue to monitor to check the issues identified in this report and may conduct future enquires.

The FWO has guidance materials on contracting labour and supply chains available on the website at