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Systems and processes to promote compliance

To ensure compliance with workplace laws, it is essential for employers to have effective systems and processes in place that manage this aspect of the business.

An important component of compliance is the provision of a dispute resolution process that employees have confidence in accessing and that provides an avenue for employees and employers to effectively resolve issues in-house, in a timely manner without the need for third party involvement.

In accordance with the terms of the Deed, Hays provided the FWO with details of the systems and processes the organisation has in place to ensure compliance throughout their network.

Hays also confirmed there were two dedicated employment managers to oversee the compliance by Hays’ management staff of its workplace relations obligations.

Hays also maintained a dedicated employment lawyer to provide advice on employment law matters and a Modern Awards Compliance Controller to ensure compliance throughout the organisation with the terms of the various modern awards that apply to Hays and its workers.

Examples of processes Hays have put in place to resolve issues and ensure compliance include:

  • an internal email inbox to Hays HR to assist employees and temporary workers with queries they may have about their pay and conditions
  • an Intranet which is accessible to all staff that contains an Award Information System. This system provides staff, supervisors and consultants with information on all applicable modern awards and enterprise agreements including copies of the instrument, summary documents on pay and conditions of employment and workplace relations educational material
  • data accuracy review, which involves another staff member checking the accuracy of data entered into Hays payroll system (concerning status of employment, award and classification) when a worker commences employment
  • conducting regular internal compliance audits, with reports provided to senior management.