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The Compliance Activity

The FWO commenced a compliance activity [Activity] into 33 Domino’s stores in December 2016. The Activity started after the conclusion of the second partnership and was in response to intelligence the FWO had received indicating non-compliance with Commonwealth workplace laws in Domino’s stores.

The allegations suggested systemic exploitation of vulnerable workers occurring through:

  • non-payment and underpayment for time worked
  • unlawful altering of time and wage records, and
  • franchisees selling visa sponsorships.1

The aim of the Activity was to test the allegations and understand the nature and extent of any non-compliance found throughout the Domino’s stores to recover minimum entitlements owed to employees and, in appropriate cases, ensure businesses and persons involved in significant non-compliance were managed through the courts.

  1. Note: the Activity did not identify any instances of this occurring within the stores that were audited.