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The Activity's Methodology

Fair Work Inspectors audited a sample of 33 Domino’s stores across Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Of the sample selected for auditing, some stores were selected across the network due to reported issues (including 10 stores owned by the one franchisor); others were randomly selected to test the overall national level of compliance.

The sources of intelligence reports included industry insiders, media reports, ex franchisees and ex- employees who wished to remain confidential. 

The design of the Activity was to assess compliance with the FW Act, and with employee entitlements contained in the Enterprise Agreements.

During the site visits, Fair Work Inspectors held one-on-one interviews with the franchisees and their employees separately. This gave employees the opportunity to discuss any concerns they had away from their employer. 

The FWO reviewed and photographed employment records held on site to determine if they met the record keeping requirements under the FW Act. The FWO also formally requested records through issuing Notices to Produce Records or Documents for a one-month assessment period to assess compliance with workplace laws.

The FWO obtained records for 874 employees during the course of the Activity and interviewed 144 employees. 

The Activity primarily focussed on assessing compliance with the following provisions of the FW Act:

  • Section 44 – Contravening the National Employment Standards
  • Section 50 – Contravening an Enterprise Agreement
  • Section 535 – Employer obligations in relation to employee records
  • Section 536 – Employer obligations in relation to pay slips.