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The campaign revealed that 60% of businesses in the region, which were all previously found to be non-compliant, were now fully compliant with their workplace obligations. 80% of businesses were meeting their record-keeping and pay slip obligations and 74% of businesses were paying their employees correctly.

Findings showed that following initial interactions with the FWO, businesses were able to use the advice provided by Inspectors to remain compliant with Australian workplace laws. This is significant as those businesses, many of them small, now have systems and processes in place to continue to be compliant. The campaign also found that in many cases where non-compliance was detected, businesses had made efforts to comply.

However, it is important for businesses to comply with all of their workplace relations obligations all of the time. Ongoing non-compliance is taken seriously by the FWO. Where businesses had made no or little effort to comply, or where more significant issues remained at the time of this campaign, the FWO took enforcement action, including commencing legal proceedings in two instances of alleged significant non-compliance.