Pay Rates Calculator

The Pay Rates Calculator helps you work out base pay rates and penalty rates for employees who are covered by a modern award and used to be covered by a transitional award or enterprise award.

You can find rates for most other types of pre-modern awards through PayCheck Plus.

Important! From time to time we update pay rates in our pay tools. If you’re an employer you should sign up for updates on the pay rates in your award. To do this, go to our Pay rate updates page. You can also see old updates going back to 1 July 2011.

Phasing arrangements and annual wage review

The Pay Rates Calculator works out the phasing arrangements in most modern awards. See Who can use Pay Rates Calculator? for more information.

It also includes changes to pay rates from the Fair Work Commission’s annual wage review. Employers should check they are paying the correct rates from 1 July each year.

Export & print

Once you’ve calculated your pay rates, you can export the results to your payroll system or print a copy.

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Page last updated: 30 Jan 2014