New online training for franchises

Published 2 September 2021

If you’re an employer operating a franchise and need help understanding workplace laws, we have new training courses to help you.

We have developed 2 new online learning courses that make it easier for franchises and franchisors to understand their workplace rights and obligations. The training is free, quick and will help promote compliance within franchise networks.

The courses help franchisors and franchisees:

  • better understand their workplace obligations in Australia
  • learn the risks of non-compliance including brand reputation, litigation and penalties
  • get tailored guidance that’s relevant to them
  • find helpful tools that will improve their day-to-day workplace compliance management.

Improve your understanding of workplace laws today by taking a free course now in our Online learning centre.


The Workplace laws for franchisors course:

  • explains franchisor liability provisions under workplace laws
  • helps franchisors to identify practical actions they can take to promote compliance in their franchise network.


The Franchisee workplace essentials course:

  • explains franchisee obligations as an employer
  • outlines the risks of non-compliance
  • provides information on the resources and supports available to help them comply with workplace laws.