Special rates for juniors working around alcohol

Published 7 June 2022

Learn about the situations when juniors may be paid special rates for working around alcohol.

Restaurant and hospitality industries

There are 2 common awards that include provisions where juniors may be paid special rates for selling and serving alcohol. They include:

This entitlement means juniors who sell or serve alcohol, including as a part of their general waiting duties, have to be paid the adult rate for their classification regardless of their age.

Examples of when special rates may apply

Examples of when special rates may apply include where a junior employee:

  • sells alcohol to customers in a casino
  • serves alcohol to a seated customer in a restaurant
  • pours alcoholic drinks for service
  • takes an order for alcohol from a customer
  • delivers alcohol (poured by bar staff) to a customer
  • hands an alcoholic beverage to a customer at the register.

Calculating special rates and more information

To work out the special rates for working around alcohol under your award, use our Pay Calculator.

You can also find the minimum rates in the relevant award pay guide. Go to Pay guides.

You can also get more information on junior employee pay entitlements at Junior pay rates. Just select the hospitality industry or restaurant industry to see tailored information. 

We also have our interactive infographics at Fast food, restaurants and cafes. The graphics will let you work out your pay, leave and other entitlements for the restaurant industry.

Age restrictions and training required for serving alcohol

There are rules about the age juniors can start serving alcohol and training required for responsible service of alcohol.

Contact the liquor licensing authority in your state or territory: