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Published 4 September 2023

There’s a lot to remember about minimum workplace entitlements, so we’re reminding employees and employers in the Fast Food and Restaurant sector, to stop and think about the last time they checked them.

Through our digital campaign, we’re promoting our tailored tools and resources that answer the questions most frequently asked by people who work in the Fast Food and Restaurant sector.

When’s the last time you checked award classifications?

Award classifications (also known as levels or grades) determine an employee’s pay based on their role and type of work. We’ve developed a step-by-step guide that explains how to read and apply classifications descriptions in awards.

When’s the last time you checked penalty rates?

Under the Fast Food and Restaurant Awards, employees get penalty rates for working specific hours or days. Our interactive tools can help you check minimum award pay rates, including any penalty and overtime rates that apply in the Fast Food Industry Award and the Restaurant Industry Award.

To check minimum pay and penalty rates in other awards, use our Pay Calculator.

When’s the last time you checked the rules about trial shifts?

Some trial shifts must be paid. Get information about when a trial should be paid on our Common questions in the fast food and restaurant industry page.

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