Casual employee entitlements

Casual employees are entitled to a casual loading for every hour that they work. However, they do not receive entitlements such as paid annual leave and paid personal leave (although they are entitled to 2 days’ unpaid carer’s leave).

Casual employees are also entitled to penalty rates for work performed during the evenings, weekends and public holidays.

Visit Finding the right pay for tools to help you calculate minimum wages and penalty rates for your casual employees.

Note: Your casual employees are entitled to at least 3 hours’ work per shift. This means that even if you do not require them to work for 3 hours or more, you must still pay them for 3 hours per shift. For more information, visit the Hours of work section.

Casual employees work flexible hours to suit their personal circumstances and the needs of your business. This means you can roster casual employees to work when your business is busiest or to cover full-time or part-time employees when they can’t come to work, and your casual employees can refuse shifts that don’t suit their circumstances.

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Page last updated: 27 Feb 2011