How to ask for our help

The best way to ask for our help with sorting out a workplace issue is to make an online enquiry. It's faster, secure and you'll be able to save our replies to refer to later.

If you already have an account with us, go to the enquiries form now.

Don’t have an account with us yet? Register for My account now, then click on 'My enquiries' to submit your enquiry.

If you can't make an online enquiry

If you can't make an online enquiry, you can fill out a workplace dispute form and post it to us. Download the Workplace dispute form (DOCX 736.7KB)  (PDF 579.6KB).

What happens next

Please note postal delivery times vary. Allow up to 1 week for forms posted to us by regular service within Australia. After we receive your workplace dispute form we'll review it and get back to you shortly, usually on the same or next business day.

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