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Need help sorting out an issue in your workplace? We have a range of tools to help you resolve issues in your workplace. Our experience shows that disagreements are more likely to be resolved quickly if employees and employers work together to agree on a solution before we get involved.

Why workplace disputes happen

Often issues arise because:

  • employers and employees don't know what the law is
  • communication has broken down.

What you can do to sort out workplace issues 

Resolving workplace issues on your own can be quick and easy with the right tools. Our guide to resolving workplace issues will help you find the information you need, have an effective conversation in the workplace, fix any underpayments and get back to work.

Even if the employee has left the employer, we encourage you to try to work out issues between yourselves before making a formal request to us for help.

Guide to resolving workplace issues

Follow our step-by-step guide to resolving workplace issues:

Need more help to sort out a workplace issue? 

Already followed the steps above and can't sort out the issue at the workplace? Also in this section find out:

You can also watch our Compliance policy video to see the different ways we help employers and employees resolve their workplace issues.



Prefer to report a workplace concern anonymously?

Concerned someone isn't complying with workplace laws but don't want to get involved directly? You can choose to give us the information anonymously.

We won't contact you after you make a report but the information you give us will be used to plan our current and future education and enforcement activities. We’re also authorised to give information to other Commonwealth, State or Territory bodies where it’s likely to help with the administration or enforcement of a law.

Make an anonymous report - English

Make an anonymous report - in another language

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