Compliance monitoring campaign

The FWO uses its National Compliance Monitoring program to revisit businesses found to have been non-compliant with workplace laws in past campaigns.

We have completed two campaigns as part of this program.

For information on the results of the first campaign, read our National Compliance Monitoring Campaign Report (No.1)  (PDF 2MB).

For information on the results of the recently completed second campaign, read our National Compliance Monitoring Campaign Report (No.2) (DOCX 167.3KB) (PDF 358.4KB).

The Fair Work Ombudsman is revisiting businesses that have previously been found to have contravened workplace laws in past campaigns.

Why monitor compliance?

By monitoring the compliance of businesses which have previously made errors, we get an insight into whether our initial engagement with them helped them with ongoing compliance. It also helps us to identify the reasons behind any errors that employers may still be making.

What are we going to do?

We are contacting employers and reviewing a sample of their time and wage records to check:

  • minimum wages
  • penalty rates and allowances
  • overtime rates
  • pay slips and record-keeping.

We want to understand the problems employers face when dealing with workplace laws. We want to help them deal with workplace issues. If we do find that they've made any errors, we'll work with them to make sure they understand how to correct these.

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