Apprentice campaigns

In this section you'll find information about our campaigns and initiatives focusing on apprentices and their employers. 

Many apprentices are young workers who can be less aware of their workplace rights and more vulnerable to exploitation.

We run campaigns that focus on industries where we get a higher number of requests for assistance.

We also work with unions, employer associations and training organisations to help promote our campaign activities and to support employers and apprentices understand their rights, obligations and entitlements. 

Current campaigns

We are currently running an initiative to help first year apprentices and their employers in the hairdressing industry to get it right and get the most out of the apprenticeship relationship. Find out more about our Hairdressing apprentice initiative

Completed campaigns

We recently completed our National Apprenticeship Campaign, focusing on first year apprentices and their employers in a range of industries including retail services, manufacturing, and automotive maintenance and repair. For information on the results of this campaign, read our National Apprenticeship Campaign Report

Get help with apprentice entitlements

For tailored information on pay and entitlements for apprentices, visit our Apprentice entitlements page

Help for small business

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