We conduct campaigns to help employers and employees better understand their workplace rights and obligations in the workplace.

We tailor our campaigns to focus on industries, regions or workplace issues that need extra attention. 

Campaigns are designed in response to information we gather from sources including:

  • research
  • the Australian community
  • employees and employers
  • industry associations
  • government ministers
  • the media.

What happens during a campaign?

Campaigns vary depending on the issue we are focusing on. Activities can include:

  • communication and marketing
  • educating employers and employees about their rights and obligations
  • developing and providing employers with tools and resources they need to meet their obligations
  • working with industry associations and employers to let them know we’re running a campaign and what it will involve
  • checking employment records to make sure businesses are complying with Australian workplace laws by:
    • requesting employers send us certain employment records 
    • visiting businesses to check records
  • asking employers to fix problems if we find them.

Find out more about some of our national campaigns.

Have you been contacted by a third party?

We don't engage any third parties to act on our behalf in relation to audits we are conducting, including to contact businesses to advise them about an audit.

If you have any concerns relating to any contact or approaches you have received from any person or businesses claiming to be working with us on this campaign, or if you would like to verify a person's details or discuss any approaches, please contact the Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94 (select option 3 for the Small Business Hotline). 

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