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Online services

The FWO website,, is our primary education and advice channel. It provides mobile-friendly and industry-specific information on workplace laws, self-service tools and an auto-translation function. We also provide professionally translated material on key topics in 30 different languages.

In 2017-18, visits to the website increased by 2.5% to over 16.7 million. This is the most visits the website has ever received in a financial year.

Table 1: Website visits and users, 2016-18
2017-18 2016-17 visits 16 756 865 16 328 246 users 9 383 211 9 556 221

Note: Visits represent the total number of individual visits to the website. Users represent the number of individuals who have visited the website. Visits from the same user are counted as additional visits, but not as additional users.

Tailored information and resources

In the last year, we enhanced and expanded our online resources to provide more tailored information to our customers.

Small business

We launched our digital Small Business Showcase in April, which provides tailored resources, tools and information to support small business employers. From launch until 30 June 2018, the showcase has received nearly 50 000 views. The showcase covers topics such as hiring employees, calculating pay and keeping accurate records. It also includes instructional videos and templates to aid small business.

Young workers

We partnered with the Foundation for Young Australians to produce six videos that address common issues young workers experience. The videos covered topics such as unpaid work, how to address being treated unfairly at work and warning signs for young people in the workplace. The videos are available on the FWO website as well as our YouTube channel. The videos recently won awards in both the youth and employment categories at the Interactive Media Awards.


In response to the enactment of the Protecting Vulnerable Workers legislation, we launched online resources to assist customers to understand and apply the new reforms. This included targeted resources and guides promoting workplace compliance within a franchise network, which emphasise the steps a franchisor can take to prevent workplace issues. The guide in particular specifically references the new liability laws that apply to franchisors and provides case studies and practical information. The guide for franchisors launched in June 2018.


We launched two new guides to assist apprentices - one of our most vulnerable cohorts - and their employers to understand their rights and obligations. The new guide for apprentices helps them to understand their entitlements and equips them with information on how to resolve issues and seek support.

In-language information

Our website has expanded the availability of translated and in-language materials in 2017-18.

In addition to key information being professionally translated into 30 languages, a website auto-translation tool was launched in February 2018. This tool allows users to instantly translate most pages of into 40 languages other than English, enabling more people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to use the website. Since its launch, over 130 000 web pages have been translated, with the most popular languages being Simplified Chinese, Korean and Spanish. The most translated pages relate to pay and minimum wages.

Table 2: Website translation tool, most popular languages 2017-18
Language Number of pages translated
Simplified Chinese 61 094
Korean 16 751
Spanish 9911
Japanese 6980
French 6569

In 2017-18, we continued to expand our professionally translated in-language content, adding more in-language videos, downloadable resources and information in 16 priority languages to address the most common questions and queries asked by migrant workers. Topics translated include public holidays, pay slips and record-keeping, and issues in the workplace. Views of our in-language resources increased 150% compared to 2016-17, being viewed over 230 000 times in total.

Our Anonymous Report tool, which launched on the website in 2016, was also made available in 16 other priority languages this year. Further information about anonymous reports is detailed in Proactive activities.

Email subscription services

We have made it easier for customers to keep up to date with their entitlements and obligations by consolidating our email subscription services. Our subscription service lets customers opt-in to email updates on various topics, such as important changes to their industry. As at 30 June 2018, we had 380 633 active subscribers, an increase of almost 100 000 subscribers from the previous financial year.

Online education and proactive compliance tools

Our online tools aim to proactively educate both employers and employees about their entitlements and obligations, and empower them to resolve issues. Use of the majority of our online tools increased this year.

Our Pay and Conditions Tool had 6% more visits and generated 10% more calculations than 2016-17, providing an average of 480 000 calculations a month. Our Find my Award tool, which helps customers determine their award coverage, also saw an increase in usage of nearly 90%, with over one million searches conducted by customers.

Courses commenced in our Online Learning Centre increased by 28% in 2017-18. We introduced a new course that focused on record-keeping and pay slips. This course was released following the increase in maximum penalties for record-keeping and pay slip breaches arising from the new provisions in the Fair Work Act relating to protecting vulnerable workers.

Our Record My Hours smartphone app, developed in 2016-17 to assist employees record their hours of work, was enhanced in 2017-18 to be available in 18 different languages (up from 12). It was downloaded 17 217 times, an increase of 28%. It also won several awards during the year, including gold at both the 2017 Sydney Design Awards and the 2017 GOV Design Awards. 

Table 3: Online resources and usage 2016-18
Resource use 2017-18 2016-17
Online Learning Centre 37 080 28 931
Record my hours app 17 217 13 420
Pay Tool visits 4 413 288 4 144 609
Pay Tool calculations 5 775 755 5 266 947
My account logins 348 383 280 916
My account registrations 102 342 103 474
Find my Award searches 1 075 311 567 102

Online enquiries

During 2017-18, we answered 64 533 online enquiries, including via My account, web chat, email, Facebook and Twitter. Of these enquiries, 2689 were through the FWO's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

My account is an online portal that allows our customers to send us an online enquiry if they have queries or need assistance with a workplace issue. It also allows users to see and save tailored information, based on their preferences. The online enquiries service was used to answer 50 162 enquiries, most of which came from employees and their representatives (77%). We received the most enquiries from the following industries:

  • accommodation and food services (12%)
  • health care and social assistance (10%)
  • professional, scientific and technical services (10%)
  • retail trade (9%).

Customer engagement through our social media channels also increased significantly over the last year. The FWO's Facebook page had over 100 000 followers as at 30 June 2018 (a 67% increase in our followers over the year) and our Twitter account had over 18 000 followers (a 10% increase).

Enquiries answered through our Facebook and Twitter accounts also more than doubled compared to 2016-17 (from 1333 to 2689).