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Education and assistance

In our first two months of operation the ROC has undertaken:

  • two activities to introduce itself to organisations
  • four broad education campaigns targeted at organisations, their members or their auditors
  • six one-to-one meetings with organisations and peak bodies regarding compliance
  • two workshops regarding registration of auditors, which attracted 35 participants
  • two webinars, which attracted 75 participants; one regarding registration of auditors and the other on how to locate organisations’ records.

Public relations activity was also used to raise general awareness about our role. This included issuing public statements about who we are, what we do and our key inquiries and investigations.

Table 7: ROC education activities May–June 2017
Type of activity/topic Provided to
Introduction to ROC and invitation to subscribe Employer and employee organisations
Registration of auditors Auditors, employer organisations and employee organisations
Introduction to ROC staff and information about lodgement of annual returns of information Employer organisations and employee organisations
Approved governance training Training providers, employer organisations and employee organisations
Whistleblower protections Relevant commonwealth agencies and ROC staff
How to access information about organisations Members of employer organisations, members of employee organisations, employer organisations and employee organisations
Face-to-face meetings with employer organisations Two employer organisations
Face-to-face meetings with employee organisations Three employee organisations
Face-to-face meetings with peak bodies One peak body

Online services

The ROC website external-icon.png offers information to assist organisations with compliance, including fact sheets, guidance notes and templates.

In the ROC’s first two months of operation we received 24 327 visits to the website and 3469 document downloads.