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Phone services

Fair Work advisers answered more than 394 460 calls in 2015-16, with employees or their agents making up 67% of the enquiries. The average call wait time was 11:07 minutes with the average call lasting 10:08 minutes.

The Fair Work Infoline won Auscontact ‘Government Centre of the Year’ in 2015 for demonstrating passion, leadership and innovation.

Table 3: Calls answered, 2014-16
Phone service 2015-16 2014-15
Fair Work Infoline 285 161 (72%) 332 979 (71%)
Small Business Helpline 109 302 (28%) 135 775 (29%)
Total 394 463 (100%)* 468 754 (100%)

*We also responded to around 20 000 customers that opted to leave a voicemail message.

Encouraging customers to visit the FWO website, access the PACT and submit enquiries through My account, including outside business hours, saw a reduction in calls answered during 2015-16.

The Translating and Interpreting Service was used by 3886 customers. Many culturally and linguistically diverse customers were also supported by our own multilingual staff who performed simple translation services. The increasing use and development of our own people’s skills in this regard is supported by our bilingual register.

Advice on wages was again the most common reason people called. Entitlements and termination of employment were also of interest.

Calls commonly related to people working in construction (13%), followed by other services including personal services and repair and maintenance (10%), retail (10%), and accommodation and food services (10%).