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Media outcomes

During 2015-16, we issued 230 media releases to raise community awareness of our activities, outcomes and services.

We featured in more than 21 000 media items throughout Australia. This is a 45% increase, compared to 14 640 media items in 2014-15.

Table 4: Traditional media coverage, 2014-16

2015-16 2014-15
Media releases issued 230 226
Media items: 21 247 14 640

online articles

12 256 7797

radio items

6263 4580

print articles

1534 1429

television items

1194 834

Key media included:

  • The ABC’s Four Corners program about alleged exploitation of 7-Eleven employees, followed by page one coverage of our 7-Eleven Inquiry report in major Fairfax newspapers. In total, the FWO was mentioned in more than 150 newspaper articles and almost 2000 radio and TV reports about 7-Eleven during the 2015-16 financial year, reaching an audience of millions.
  • Coverage across more than 10 newspapers and 200 websites about our inquiry into Woolworths’ procurement of trolley collection services. Over 200 radio segments featured comments from Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James.
  • Reports in almost 20 newspapers and on more than 120 websites about our inquiry into the procurement of housekeeping services at four-and-five-star hotels.

Social media

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube play an integral role in ensuring the community is aware of their workplace rights and obligations.

We issued more than 1060 tweets, over 220 Facebook posts and seven videos.

We responded to more than 1500 enquires through Facebook and Twitter, and had over 4200 new Twitter and 13 290 new Facebook followers.

Our tweets were seen almost three million times and Facebook posts more than 4.4 million times.

On LinkedIn we had more than 5300 followers and people viewed our YouTube videos more than 133 130 times. Our PACT promotional video was watched in its entirety by 16.63% of people who saw it online – over three times the Australian Government benchmark of 5%. Accompanying campaign content, including social media posts and digital advertising, was seen over 1.9 million times.

Content is tailored to reach target audiences, which in 2015-16 included:

  • Hairdressing apprentices and their employers. Hairdressing campaign content was seen over 1.7 million times across Twitter and Facebook, and drove over 4500 visits to the dedicated web page. There were more than 13 000 customer comments, shares and likes on Facebook. Other campaign activity included posters and brochures for training organisations, an education presentation at NSW TAFE, targeted emails and text messages, and follow-up phone calls to employers.
  • Employees picking fruit and vegetables on the harvest trail. Visits to the dedicated web page increased by 573% during the campaign period, which included Facebook promotion highlighting top tips for working travellers and physical advertisements at regional airports.
  • Small business employers and employees, encouraging them to complete the Workplace Basics quiz. Digital campaign content was viewed over 500 000 times and drove 24 000 visits to the web page.