Closing Loopholes

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Last updated 12 April 2024

There have been changes to the Fair Work Act as part of the new ‘Closing Loopholes’ laws.

This section provides more information about the changes and when they start.

Key points

  • The Australian Government passed new workplace laws as part of its ‘Closing Loopholes’ legislation.
  • Employers, employees and others should stay across these changes as they may impact their workplace.
  • The changes take effect at different times between December 2023 and August 2025.
  • Some changes affect the work we (the Fair Work Ombudsman) do.
  • Other changes affect the work of the Fair Work Commission (the Commission). The Commission is the national workplace relations tribunal and registered organisations regulator.
  • We are currently reviewing our general website information and tools and resources, and are preparing updates. You can access a visual snapshot summarising the changes and listing the key start dates.

Closing Loopholes changes

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