Compliance Partnerships

A Compliance Partnership is a collaborative relationship between us and businesses that want to publicly demonstrate their commitment to creating compliant and productive workplaces.

We work with businesses who value their reputation and want to keep a positive relationship with their employees, their customers and the Australian community. Through a Compliance Partnership with us, businesses can ensure their systems and processes are working effectively to build a culture of compliance.

How do they work?

Compliance Partnerships are formalised through Proactive Compliance Deeds which are tailored to the business. Proactive Compliance Deeds are documents, signed by both us and the business, that outline the steps FWO and the business will take to make sure they're compliant with workplace laws. They usually continue for a 2-3 year period and offer:

  • better communication between the employer and its employee through better systems for dealing with workplace issues
  • streamlined and cooperative relationships between us and the employer
  • public demonstration of an employers commitment to:
    • being an employer of choice
    • ethical and lawful corporate behaviour.

In Compliance Partnerships, the business and FWO agree to work together to make sure its employees receive the correct pay and entitlements. This might include:

  • resolving workplace issues directly with its employees
  • self-auditing of pay and record-keeping
  • reviewing and monitoring supply chain and franchise relationships
  • providing appropriate workplace relations training for key staff
  • resolving technical workplace issues as they arise.

Example: Hays Specialist Recruitment (Australia) Pty Ltd

Hays works with us in a Compliance Partnership which is formalised by a Proactive Compliance Deed. Hays approached us in late 2013 to enter into a  Proactive Compliance Deed in line with its goal of being an employer of choice. Under the Proactive Compliance Deed, Hays has formalised its commitment to ensuring its compliance with workplace laws and promoting harmonious, productive and co-operative workplaces for its 13 000 employees in Australia.

Features of the  Proactive Compliance Deed include:

  • working collaboratively with Hays, we will refer any employee requests for assistance to Hays for self-resolution in the first instance
  • Hays working with FWO to ensure that its procedures and policies promote ongoing compliance with workplace laws
  • Hays appointed a special employee liaison officer to handle any issues that employees have with their conditions of employment and provides regular updates to us on the outcomes
  • Hays will ensure workplace relations training for key managers.

We usually publish Proactive Compliance Deeds on our website. Read more examples from our published List of Proactive Compliance Deeds.

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