Visual piecework agreement template for horticulture employers

Published 26 April 2021 | Updated 27 April 2021

Banner graphic of hand holding new visual piecework agreement document. Text reads 'New: visual piecework agreement'

We’ve launched our first visual agreement template to help employers and their employees make a piecework agreement simply and easily under the Horticulture Award.

Our new Visual piecework agreement template (PDF 3.2MB) (DOCX 4.4MB) uses simple images and text to help employees, particularly those with low literacy, better understand the rights and entitlements of a pieceworker under the Horticulture Award.

The visual agreement template can be found in our Horticulture Showcase. Our Showcase has information about How to use piecework agreements including:

  • what agreements need to cover
  • individual piecework agreements
  • setting a piecework rate.

Use the Visual piecework agreement template (PDF 3.2MB) (DOCX 4.4MB) now.

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