Changes to the Horticulture Award

10 April 2019

Our Pay Calculator has been updated and you can use it to calculate the new overtime, night loading and public holiday penalty rates.

On 2 April 2019, the Fair Work Commission handed down a decision external-icon.png to change the Horticulture Award.

The decision changed the Horticulture Award for casual employees to include ordinary hours of work, a night loading and overtime entitlements. There was also a change relating to the penalty rate for working on public holidays for casuals.

The changes apply from the first full pay period on or after 15 April 2019.

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What are the changes?


Casual employees are now entitled overtime pay.

They get overtime rates when working more than:

  • 304 ordinary hours over an 8 week period
  • 12 hours per engagement or 12 hours in a single day.

For any overtime worked, they're paid 175% of their minimum hourly wage (this includes their 25% casual loading).

Night loading

Casual employees are also entitled to a 15% night loading if they work between 8.31pm and 4.59am. This is paid in addition to their 25% casual loading. Both loadings are calculated on their minimum hourly wage.

During daylight saving, employers and the majority of their affected casual employees in states and territories that don't have daylight saving time (e.g. the Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia) can agree to shift the daily spread of hours forward by one hour. When this occurs, the 15% night loading applies between 7.31pm and 3.59am (instead of 8.31pm - 4.59am).

Public holidays

The decision also clarified the public holiday penalty rate for casual employees.

Casual employees who work on a public holiday are paid 225% of their minimum hourly wage (this includes their 25% casual loading). Employees get this rate whether they're working overtime hours or normal hours.

Our tools have been updated

Our Pay Calculator has been updated and can be used to calculate the new overtime, night loading and public holiday penalty rates.

The Horticulture Award has been updated to include the changes.

For information on how to apply the new rates, you can read our article Overtime & penalty rates for casuals in the Horticulture Award.

Our tailored information on Hours of work, When overtime applies and Working on a public holiday has also been updated.

More information

You can read the Fair Work Commission's full decision external-icon.png, the determination external-icon.png varying the Horticulture Award and the review into casual employment external-icon.png on the Commission's website.

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