Essential information for starting a new job

28 January 2020

Starting a new job

When starting a new job there are some things you should find out from your employer as soon as possible. These include:

Online learning

All new employees, regardless of age should complete our Starting a new job online learning course. This course will help you understand:

  • what your rights are
  • what questions to ask
  • the types of behaviour expected in the workplace.

There's also information to help parents, teachers, friends and career advisers assist young people to start work in a confident and positive way.

Young workers

If you're a young person entering the workforce for the first time, visit our help for Young workers & students page

Staying up to date

Register for My account for personalised workplace information, help and advice. You can:

  • save calculations from our Pay Calculator to your profile
  • ask for help with a workplace issue
  • subscribe to updates on industry and award changes.

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