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2017 Annual Wage Review - our pay tools are ready
Check the new minimum rates now. Updated minimum pay rates and allowances are now available in our pay tools.
Registered Organisations Commission
The Registered Organisations Commission was established on 1 May, 2017. Find out more about its role.
Changes to penalty rates in some awards
On 23 February 2017, the Fair Work Commission handed down a decision to vary certain penalty rates in some hospitality and retail modern awards.
5 things to know about public holidays during the Christmas and New Year period
When and how public holidays are applied can depend on the state or territory you’re in, and your award or agreement.
Changes to annual leave in some awards
Some awards now include new rules about cashing out annual leave, taking annual leave in advance and dealing with large annual leave balances. Find out what these changes mean.
2016 Annual Wage Review - our pay tools are ready
Updated minimum wages and allowances are now available in our pay tools.
Are you ready for the end of the financial year?
Small business owners can register today to get free advice to help prepare your business for the year ahead.
Beat the back to school blues with flexible working arrangements
Long work days and short school hours can be challenging for employees with school-aged children. Learn about requests for flexible working arrangements.
Business shutting down over Christmas and New Year?
Many businesses often shut down or run on skeleton staff over the Christmas and New Year period. How employees are paid over this period depends on the award or agreement that they’re covered by and whether they are working or on leave.
Supporting working parents
The Australian Human Rights Commission launched a new website today to promote the understanding of rights and obligations in the workplace around pregnancy, parental leave and return to work.

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