November 2016

Compliance Partnership boosts compliance at Baiada worksites
28 Nov 2016
In its compliance partnership with the Fair Work Ombudsman, Baiada Group, Australia’s second largest poultry processer, has significantly improved its workplace practices and addressed the exploitation of vulnerable overseas workers by its contractors.
Fair Work Inspectors hit Sydney cheap-eats strip
24 Nov 2016
Fair Work Inspectors conducted surprise audits of restaurants, bars and cafes in Glebe Point Road, Sydney, last week to check businesses are complying with workplace laws.
Fair Work Ombudsman to audit 200 businesses in Shepparton region
22 Nov 2016
Persistent underpayment allegations from workers are among the prompts for a new Fair Work Ombudsman campaign in Victoria’s Shepparton region.
Retiring machine operator reimbursed $19,000
21 Nov 2016
A machine operator at Ingleburn, south west of Sydney, has been reimbursed $19,000 following intervention by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
Brisbane 7-Eleven outlet faces Court action
18 Nov 2016
Another 7-Eleven outlet in Brisbane is facing Court for allegedly short-changing overseas workers thousands of dollars and creating false records to try to cover it up.
Record penalty against businessman who refused to clean up his act
16 Nov 2016
A rogue Brisbane businessman has been penalised a record $126,540 and ordered to back-pay migrant workers almost $60,000 in a result that sends a warning that individuals can be held personally liable for exploitation of workers.
Retail worker at Colac paid $11 an hour
15 Nov 2016
A retail worker at Colac in Victoria’s south-west region has been back-paid $13,800 following intervention by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
$124,000 in penalties for underpayment of charity collector in Sydney
14 Nov 2016
Penalties totalling $124,000 against a fundraising company and its director for underpaying a backpacker working as charity-collector in Sydney less than $8000 send a message about the seriousness of sham contracting, according to the Fair Work Ombudsman.
Melbourne removalist faces enforcement action after short-changing Sri Lankan asylum seeker
10 Nov 2016
The Fair Work Ombudsman has recovered almost $9000 for a Sri Lankan asylum seeker who was underpaid over a period of just three months at a furniture removalist business in Melbourne.
Cleaners at Oaks Hotels & Resorts back-paid $1.9 million
9 Nov 2016
A major Australian hotel chain has back-paid 1500 of its cleaners a total of $1.9 million after underpaying them as a result of misclassifying them as independent contractors.
Restaurant workers underpaid almost $15,000
8 Nov 2016
A restaurant operator in north-west Tasmania has agreed to reimburse three employees almost $15,000 after failing to pay them during a downturn in business.
Sushi chain caught falsifying pay records
7 Nov 2016
A sushi restaurant chain has narrowly avoided legal action for producing false pay records by agreeing to overhaul practices across its outlets and donate $10,000 to a community organisation.
$146,000 in penalties imposed in precedent-setting Court judgment against Yogurberry chain
3 Nov 2016
The master franchisor of the Yogurberry frozen yoghurt chain in Australia has been penalised over the exploitation of four Korean workers at one of its Sydney outlets in a precedent-setting Federal Court judgment.
Chinese workers underpaid $46,000 at Muffin Break outlet in Hobart
3 Nov 2016
Two Chinese workers were paid as little as $11 an hour at a Muffin Break franchise outlet in Hobart, leading to more than $46,000 in underpayments, an investigation by the Fair Work Ombudsman has found.
Cleaning operator penalised for refusing to back-pay international students
2 Nov 2016
A Sydney cleaning operator being penalised more than $11,000 for refusing to back-pay two international students less than $3000 sends a strong warning, according to the Fair Work Ombudsman.

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