March 2016

Darwin eateries “on notice” over underpayment of overseas workers
31 Mar 2016
Two popular Darwin eateries have been put on notice after they were found to be short-changing overseas workers thousands of dollars.
Half-a-million dollar top-up for pay packets of hundreds of take-away food workers
30 Mar 2016
Workers in take-away food outlets across Australia have been underpaid hundreds of thousands of dollars, spot checks by the Fair Work Ombudsman have revealed.
Court imposes $118,800 penalty for underpayment of Chinese massage therapists
23 Mar 2016
A federal judge has sounded a warning to massage shops that flouting minimum pay rates will not be tolerated.
Former restaurant director’s pay will be docked $500 a fortnight to pay off Court penalties
22 Mar 2016
In a first, the Fair Work Ombudsman has successfully obtained a Court order for $500 a fortnight to be taken from a former restaurant director’s earnings to pay off outstanding court-imposed penalties.
Tasmanian businesswoman penalised almost $98,000 over “heartless” treatment of workers
22 Mar 2016
Launceston businesswoman Wendy Langridge has been penalised almost $98,000 for her “heartless” treatment of long-term employees at the Mowbray Mill.
Hop to it and check pay rates before Easter
21 Mar 2016
The Fair Work Ombudsman is urging employers and employees to check the pay rates and entitlements that apply to their workplace over Easter.
Taiwanese backpackers short-changed packing infant formula for lucrative Chinese market
21 Mar 2016
Two Taiwanese backpackers working for a dairy company were short-changed almost $7400 over three months, a Fair Work Ombudsman investigation has found.
Small business finds help is just a phone call away
18 Mar 2016
The fast-paced world of small business can be confusing and at times catch out even the best operators, a snapshot of calls made to the Fair Work Ombudsman for help shows.
Sydney workers paid $10 an hour
17 Mar 2016
Two employees who were paid just $10 an hour are among a group of Sydney workers who have been back-paid more than $50,000 following recent intervention by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
Mobile phone retailer faces Court for allegedly short-changing visa-holder more than $4000
16 Mar 2016
The operator of a mobile phone retailer is facing Court action for allegedly underpaying an overseas worker in Melbourne more than $4000.
11 Perth employers back-pay $192,000 to 86 workers
15 Mar 2016
Workers at 11 Perth businesses have been back-paid a total of $192,000 following intervention by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
Bing Boy franchisees sign workplace pact following underpayment of staff wages
11 Mar 2016
Two Taiwanese workers in Melbourne were short-changed thousands of dollars because they were wrongly employed as trainees, a Fair Work Ombudsman investigation has revealed.
A compliant supply chain is everyone’s business
10 Mar 2016
There should never be a situation where a worker is owed more each week than they actually receive in their hand.
$188,100 penalty for underpaying trolley pushers
10 Mar 2016
A former company director and his operations manager have been penalised a total of $188,100 for their role in underpaying 10 Adelaide trolley collectors more than $220,000.
Restaurant operators face Court over underpayment and dismissal by text message
9 Mar 2016
The operators of a Queensland island resort restaurant will face the Federal Circuit Court in Brisbane for allegedly underpaying an international student almost $2000 and terminating her employment by text message after she asked her employer to pay her the minimum wage for her work as a waitress.
$60,000 penalty for trying to circumvent overtime payments with labour contract scheme
8 Mar 2016
A fruit and vegetable farming operation in Stanthorpe, Queensland, has been penalised a total of $60,000 for creating a scheme aimed at circumventing its workplace obligations.
Spot checks for 200 South-West Vic employers
8 Mar 2016
The Fair Work Ombudsman will audit up to 200 businesses across Victoria’s South-West region as part of a new campaign.
Spot checks for 50 Tasmanian businesses
7 Mar 2016
The Fair Work Ombudsman will audit up to 50 businesses across Tasmania’s South-East Coast as part of a new campaign.
Sydney bus drivers allegedly underpaid $47,000
4 Mar 2016
A Sydney transport company is facing the Federal Circuit Court for allegedly short-changing four bus drivers more than $47,000.
Perth cleaning contractor faces Court over alleged overseas worker underpayments
3 Mar 2016
Young overseas workers on 417 visas were underpaid thousands of dollars for cleaning rooms at a popular Perth hotel, the Fair Work Ombudsman alleges.
Overseas workers short-changed $92,000
2 Mar 2016
Dozens of Chinese and Taiwanese nationals working at a mushroom farm in regional NSW have been short-changed tens of thousands of dollars, investigations by the Fair Work Ombudsman have revealed.

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