July 2016

National clothing chain back-pays workers $162k
29 Jul 2016
Dozens of staff at a high-end national clothing company have been back-paid more than $162,100 following an investigation by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
Restaurant failed to check wage rates and underpaid Korean, Japanese visa-holders $40,000
28 Jul 2016
A Korean migrant who opened a restaurant in Melbourne last year without checking the wages applicable to his business has now been required to back-pay more than $40,000 to four of his former staff.
Pilbara mine workers back-paid $240,600
27 Jul 2016
A labour-hire company has back-paid 13 workers a total of $240,600 after they did not receive their termination entitlements at a mine in Western Australia’s Pilbara region.
$90,000 penalties for contractors who paid their trolley collectors as little as $8 an hour
26 Jul 2016
Trolley collection contractors who were once part of supply chains for Woolworths, Coles and Foodland have been penalised more than $90,000 after overseas workers at Adelaide shopping centres were paid as little as $8 an hour.
Worker wage review follows underpayments
26 Jul 2016
A telecommunications company at Wollongong in NSW faces a series of audits after a Fair Work Ombudsman investigation found it had underpaid a call centre worker more than $3000.
Computer glitch hits Sydney nursing home payroll
25 Jul 2016
A computer glitch that miscalculated public holiday pay rates left a Sydney nursing home operator with an unpaid wages bill of almost $11,900.
Café faces Court for allegedly requiring cook to pay back wages in exploitative cash-back scheme
22 Jul 2016
An overseas worker employed as a cook on the Gold Coast was allegedly required to pay back more than $21,000 of her wages to her employer in an exploitative cash-back scheme.
Second phase of TCF campaign
21 Jul 2016
The Fair Work Ombudsman will audit 365 textile, clothing and footwear businesses across Australia in the second phase of a national campaign aimed at building compliance with workplace laws across the industry.
Ventia Utility Services signs workplace pact, overhauls overseas recruitment practices
20 Jul 2016
A NSW-based services company faces enforcement action after workers recruited from the Philippines were threatened with dismissal if they joined a union.
Adelaide employer underpays visa-holder $22,000
19 Jul 2016
An Adelaide labour hire company short-changed an Indian visa-holder $22,000 over just 17 months, inquiries by the Fair Work Ombudsman have revealed.
Caravan park cautioned after underpaying dozens of backpackers working on local farms
18 Jul 2016
The operators of a caravan park in Far North Queensland have been placed on notice after the Fair Work Ombudsman found it was underpaying dozens of workers that it was supplying to work on local farms.
Traralgon eatery underpays workers $7700
15 Jul 2016
Two employees at a Traralgon eatery have been back-paid $7700 after the Fair Work Ombudsman found the business had short-changed them.
Back-pay for almost 250 restaurant staff
14 Jul 2016
The operator of a dozen restaurants across Melbourne has been required to back-pay almost 250 workers after inadvertently underpaying their Christmas Day entitlements.
Yogurberry master franchisor faces Court over alleged underpayment of overseas workers
13 Jul 2016
The head Australian company and master franchisor of the Yogurberry frozen yoghurt chain faces legal action for allegedly short-changing young overseas workers thousands of dollars.
$10hr for backpacker - restaurant faces court
12 Jul 2016
A Melbourne restaurant is facing the Federal Circuit Court for allegedly underpaying a visa-holder from Taiwan as little as $10 an hour.
Restaurant penalised over underpayments
12 Jul 2016
The operators of a Queensland restaurant have been penalised a total of $21,000 after paying a young Chinese backpacker just $10 an hour.
Melbourne burger bar operator faces court for allegedly exploiting young, overseas workers
11 Jul 2016
The operator of a Melbourne burger bar is facing the Federal Circuit Court after allegedly exploiting a number of young and overseas workers.
Restaurant operator faces court for allegedly underpaying young workers
8 Jul 2016
The operator of a Melbourne restaurant is facing the Federal Circuit Court after allegedly underpaying staff more than $26,000.
Real estate agent counselled on workplace obligations after paying visa-holder $9 hr
7 Jul 2016
A real estate agent in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn has received extensive advice and assistance about its workplace obligations after paying a visa-holder just $9 an hour.
Perth restaurant chain faces Court
6 Jul 2016
The operator of a popular restaurant chain in Perth is facing legal action and an ongoing investigation over alleged serious breaches of workplace relations laws relating to overseas workers.
Court penalises 7-Eleven operators $150,000 for underpayment of overseas workers
5 Jul 2016
More 7-Eleven franchisees have been penalised for underpaying overseas workers.
Court penalties of $93,000 and $374,000 back-pay order against Adelaide transport company
5 Jul 2016
An Adelaide transport company has been penalised a total of $93,000 and been ordered to back-pay 10 truck drivers more than $374,000.
Melbourne company faces legal action over failure to pay compensation to overseas worker
4 Jul 2016
A Melbourne-based company is facing Court for allegedly ignoring a Fair Work Commission order to compensate an overseas worker it had unfairly dismissed.
ACT campaign returns $16k to local workers
4 Jul 2016
The Fair Work Ombudsman today released the findings of a recent campaign in the ACT.
$23,000 back-pay for Limestone Coast workers
1 Jul 2016
The Fair Work Ombudsman today released the findings of a recent campaign in South Australia’s Limestone Coast region.

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