December 2016

Hobart butcher to back-pay apprentice almost $20k
21 Dec 2016
An adult apprentice butcher in Hobart who was paid less than $10 per hour will be back-paid nearly $20,000 by his former employer, following intervention by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
Migrant worker short-changed $31,000 at Melbourne bottle shop
20 Dec 2016
The Fair Work Ombudsman has recovered $31,000 for a Chinese migrant who was underpaid while working at a bottle shop at Bentleigh East, in Melbourne’s south-east.
Fair Work Ombudsman secures $23,000 in penalties against mobile phone retailer
19 Dec 2016
The operators of a mobile phone retailer who failed to heed warnings to pay employees’ minimum lawful rates have been penalised a total of $23,000 for short-changing an overseas worker at Frankston, in Melbourne.
Fair Work Inspectors audit Ballarat businesses
16 Dec 2016
Fair Work Inspectors have undertaken 50 field audits in Ballarat this week and plan to audit a further 150 businesses in the regional Victorian town in coming months as part of a new campaign.
Labour-hire operator allegedly underpaid overseas workers on Queensland farms
15 Dec 2016
A national Inquiry into exploitation of overseas workers on Australian farms has led to the Fair Work Ombudsman launching legal action against a Queensland labour-hire operator for allegedly underpaying overseas workers more than $60,000.
Fair Work Ombudsman takes legal action after young apprentices allegedly short-changed $32,000
14 Dec 2016
A Queensland building and construction company and its director are facing court over allegations they short-changed two young apprentices more than $32,000.
Queensland tavern operator penalised for short-changing manager
13 Dec 2016
The operators of a Queensland tavern have been penalised a total of $19,500 for causing “significant detriment” to a manager by short-changing her thousands of dollars.
Chinese worker in Cairns short-changed almost $9000 in just four months
12 Dec 2016
The Fair Work Ombudsman has recovered almost $9000 for an overseas worker who worked at a travel agency in Cairns over a period of just four months.
MUA faces court on claims it organised unlawful action
9 Dec 2016
The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) is facing legal action after the Fair Work Ombudsman filed court proceedings alleging the union organised a campaign of unlawful industrial action, leading to up to nearly 100 workers withdrawing labour from shipping terminals in Sydney and Brisbane.
Taiwanese company penalised after paying overseas workers less than $5 an hour
8 Dec 2016
A Taiwanese company that last year back-paid almost $900,000 to a team of overseas workers it brought to Australia has now been penalised in Court for ignoring a demand to make further back-payments to two overseas workers it paid less than $5 an hour.
7-Eleven signs on with Fair Work Ombudsman to set the standard for franchising in Australia
7 Dec 2016
Australia’s largest petrol and convenience retailer, 7-Eleven, has signed a Proactive Compliance Deed with the Fair Work Ombudsman which will set a new standard for franchising in Australia.
Metal manufacturer signs workplace pact after underpaying migrant workers $23,000
2 Dec 2016
More than a dozen migrant workers employed at a metal manufacturing business in North West Melbourne have been reimbursed $23,200 following an investigation by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
Gold Coast fruit and vegie wholesaler hit with $76K repayment bill after underpaying casual workers
2 Dec 2016
A Gold Coast business will repay more than $76,000 to two workers who were not paid their correct entitlements after the employer claimed ignorance of his obligations despite 25 years in business.
Aboriginal Corporation must host a community event to help heal after not paying entitlements
2 Dec 2016
An Aboriginal corporation based in Hervey Bay, Queensland, will stage a community event celebrating the diversity of the region as part of its undertaking to remedy the impact its underpayment of entitlements had on care workers.
Sydney Chinese restaurant enters pact to protect workers following $80,000 wage underpayment
2 Dec 2016
Almost $80,000 in unpaid wages and penalties has been returned to 22 workers at a Chinese seafood restaurant in Cabramatta, western Sydney.
Chemist Warehouse added to the growing big brands list of Fair Work Ombudsman partners
1 Dec 2016
Chemist Warehouse has joined a growing list of national brands making a commitment to work with the Fair Work Ombudsman by entering a compliance partnership after back-paying almost 6000 workers more than $3.5 million.
Penalty against Whyalla cleaning operator
1 Dec 2016
The Fair Work Ombudsman has secured a penalty against the former operator of a cleaning business at Whyalla, in regional South Australia, following the underpayment of eight employees.

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