October 2015

Spot checks for 250 Far North Queensland businesses
30 Oct 2015
The Fair Work Ombudsman will audit up to 250 businesses in Cairns, Innisfail and the Cassowary Coast over the next three months as part of a new campaign.
High-wage earning Melbourne business operator fined again over employee underpayments
29 Oct 2015
A high-wage earning Melbourne business operator has been fined for a second time after again being involved in short-changing employees thousands of dollars.
Chinese worker allegedly paid $10 an hour
28 Oct 2015
A Queensland restaurant operator is facing Court for allegedly paying a young Chinese national just $10 an hour and breaching sham contracting laws.
Baiada declares ‘moral and ethical’ responsibility to stamp out contractors’ unlawful practices at its worksites
26 Oct 2015
Baiada has publicly declared that it has a “moral and ethical responsibility” to join with the Fair Work Ombudsman to stamp out its contractors’ unlawful practices at its worksites.
New methods successfully resolve workplace disputes before they escalate
23 Oct 2015
The Fair Work Ombudsman is saving business operators and workers time and money - and preventing some jobs from being lost altogether - by increasingly using new methods to resolve workplace disputes before they escalate.
Spot checks for 50 Darwin businesses
19 Oct 2015
The Fair Work Ombudsman will audit up to 50 businesses in Darwin this week as part of a new campaign.
Free from detention and granted residency, asylum seeker allegedly exploited, paid only $3.49 an hour
16 Oct 2015
The Fair Work Ombudsman is taking legal action against an employer who allegedly exploited a vulnerable asylum seeker who had earlier been released from detention.
$10k in fines for paying overseas worker $8 an hour
13 Oct 2015
More than $10,000 in fines have been imposed after an ugg boot retailer paid an overseas worker in Sydney just $8 an hour.
7-Eleven store operators to face Court for allegedly paying employees as little as $11 an hour
12 Oct 2015
The former owner-operators of a Melbourne 7-Eleven store will face court for allegedly underpaying 12 employees more than $84,000.
$20,000 penalty for ignoring compensation Order
8 Oct 2015
The Fair Work Ombudsman has again secured a penalty against a former Victorian petrol station operator, this time for ignoring an Order to pay compensation to an unfairly dismissed employee.
Spot checks for 50 Tasmanian businesses
6 Oct 2015
The Fair Work Ombudsman will audit up to 50 businesses near Hobart over the next two months as part of a new campaign.
Security company faces Court for second time
2 Oct 2015
A national security company is again facing Court action after allegedly underpaying a Gold Coast worker more than $7000 in just 10 weeks.
Back-payment bill for Sydney café operators after Korean workers short-changed almost $40,000
1 Oct 2015
Two backpackers and an international student from Korea have been short-changed almost $40,000 by a café operator in Sydney’s CBD, an investigation by the Fair Work Ombudsman has found.

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