March 2015

Union and national labour-hire company to pay $802,000 after denying couple employment
31 Mar 2015
The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and a national labour-hire company have been ordered to pay $802,500 in fines and compensation for their part in denying employment to non-union members.
$70k back-pay for northern suburbs workers
30 Mar 2015
Workers throughout Melbourne’s northern suburbs have been back-paid a total of $70,500 following recent intervention by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
$34,000 back-pay for Hunter region employees
27 Mar 2015
Workers in the NSW Hunter region have been back-paid a total of $34,300 in termination entitlements following recent intervention by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
$94,000 back-pay for Top End workers
26 Mar 2015
Dozens of underpaid workers in Darwin and Alice Springs have been back-paid more than $94,000 following recent intervention by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
Check Easter pay rates ahead of the holidays
25 Mar 2015
The Fair Work Ombudsman today urged employers and employees to check the pay rates and entitlements that apply over the upcoming Easter public holidays.
Campaign focus on clothing outworkers
24 Mar 2015
Vulnerable migrant and overseas workers who make clothes from their homes are the focus of a new two-year education and compliance campaign by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
Spotlight on Goulburn apple and pear orchards
23 Mar 2015
Fair Work Ombudsman inspectors will return to apple and pear orchards in Victoria’s Goulburn Valley this week to check that seasonal workers are being paid correctly.
$100,000 back-pay for Adelaide workers
20 Mar 2015
More than 100 Adelaide workers have been back-paid over $100,000 following recent inquiries by the Fair Work Ombudsman.
Company signs up to workplace pact after underpaying student intern almost $7000
19 Mar 2015
A Sydney company failed to pay a student intern thousands of dollars in wages he was entitled to, a Fair Work Ombudsman investigation has found.
Employer’s failure to check minimum wage rates results in back-payment bill for $500,000
18 Mar 2015
A health business that failed to check minimum wage rates inadvertently underpaid almost 200 staff half a million dollars.
Travel agency signs workplace pact after short-changing Korean worker $4200 in just 7 weeks
17 Mar 2015
A Melbourne travel agency underpaid a Korean sales assistant more than $4200 over a period of just seven weeks, a Fair Work Ombudsman investigation has found.
Indian couple allegedly paid no wages for more than a year’s work at country restaurants
13 Mar 2015
An Indian couple promised a combined income of about $1600 a week to work in Indian restaurants in country Victoria were paid no wages for more than a year’s work, the Fair Work Ombudsman alleges.
Cleaning contractors face more spot checks after $763,000 recovered for 1200 employees
12 Mar 2015
Cleaning contractors face ongoing spot checks by the Fair Work Ombudsman again this year as it endeavours to detect and deter deliberate non-compliance with federal workplace laws.
Child care centre operators fined $15,000 after refusing to co-operate with investigation
11 Mar 2015
Refusal to co-operate with a Fair Work Ombudsman underpayment investigation has resulted in the operators of a NSW child care centre being fined $15,000.
$24,000 penalty for short-changing teenage apprentice hairdresser $6400
10 Mar 2015
A Sydney hair and beauty salon’s attempt to cut costs by short-changing a teenage apprentice hairdresser $6400 has back-fired – with the operators being fined almost four times that amount for their conduct.
1200 businesses face further monitoring
6 Mar 2015
About 1200 businesses found to have underpaid their workers over the past three years will be reviewed again as the Fair Work Ombudsman strives to promote a culture of compliance with workplace laws.
4.5 stars, but hotel housekeepers underpaid
5 Mar 2015
Housekeepers cleaning rooms at one of Australia’s largest hotels will have their pay packets reviewed after an investigation by the Fair Work Ombudsman found they are being underpaid.
Bakers Delight franchisee signs workplace pact after short-changing 26 employees $40,000
4 Mar 2015
More than two dozen apprentice bakers, baker’s assistants and bakery shop assistants – over half of them aged under 21 – have been reimbursed almost $40,000 after the Fair Work Ombudsman found they were being underpaid.
Department’s budget-saving recruitment strategy risks breaching workplace laws
3 Mar 2015
A Victorian Government department’s employment practices risk breaching federal workplace laws, a Fair Work Ombudsman inquiry has revealed.
Gold Coast travel businesses fined $138,000 over underpayments and sham contracting
2 Mar 2015
Underpaying staff and sham contracting has cost two Gold Coast travel businesses almost $138,000.

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