June 2015

$228,000 penalty for business operator who thinks minimum pay rates are “just crazy”
30 Jun 2015
A Melbourne business operator has been fined more than $228,000 after admitting she underpaid a vulnerable migrant employee because she thinks Australia’s minimum pay rates are “just crazy”.
Remember, wage rates change this week!
29 Jun 2015
The Fair Work Ombudsman today reminded employers about an increase in the minimum wage from Wednesday.
Injunction sought after retailer allegedly ignores requests to rectify underpayment of workers
26 Jun 2015
The Fair Work Ombudsman has taken the rare step of seeking an injunction restraining a retail operator from underpaying her employees.
Restaurant, café and catering services workers share more than $1.2 million back-pay
25 Jun 2015
Food services workers in restaurants, cafés and catering companies throughout Australia have been underpaid over $1.2 million, spot checks by the Fair Work Ombudsman have revealed.
Almost $100,000 in fines and back-pay orders after back-packers in Cairns short-changed
24 Jun 2015
A Cairns businessman and his tour company have been penalised almost $100,000 in fines and back-pay orders after short-changing five backpackers and defiantly claiming they would “not get a cent” of it.
Sydney Harbour charter cruise boat company to review staff pay packets for underpayments
23 Jun 2015
Deckhands, waiting staff, bar attendants and kitchen staff working on 5-star charter boats on Sydney Harbour will have their pay packets reviewed to ensure they are being paid correctly.
Transport company cautioned over underpayments signs workplace pact after ongoing issues
19 Jun 2015
A Melbourne transport company which was formally cautioned last year after short-changing its staff thousands of dollars now faces enforcement action after admitting further underpayments.
Statement of Findings – Baiada Group
17 Jun 2015
The Fair Work Ombudsman today released the findings of its Inquiry into allegations levelled at the Baiada Group over employment practices at its three poultry processing sites at Beresfield, Hanwood and Tamworth in NSW.
Blueberry farmer faces Court over alleged record-keeping failures for 417 visa-holders
17 Jun 2015
A blueberry farmer who employed dozens of overseas backpackers to pick his crop is to face Court for alleged serious record-keeping failures.
$472,000 owed to 123 former Sports Bar and Hungry Jacks employees at Newcastle airport
16 Jun 2015
More than 120 former employees at the Newcastle airport are to be back-paid more than $472,000 after it was found they were being short-changed.
It was food fit for a President, but if their English was poor, so was their pay packet
12 Jun 2015
A restaurant which catered for the Chinese President's travelling party to Hobart late last year has admitted underpaying a female worker because her English was not good enough.
Nature’s Care signs workplace pact after short-changing Asian backpackers almost $100,000
11 Jun 2015
Thirteen young backpackers on 417 working holiday visas have been short-changed almost $100,000 working for a high-profile natural health and skin care products company in NSW.
Businessman fined for underpaying young child-care workers more than $360,000
10 Jun 2015
A Sydney businessman has been fined for underpaying workers at his former childcare centre more than $360,000, leaving some struggling to pay their rent.
Labour-hire operator faces Court over alleged sham contracting and underpayments
9 Jun 2015
A labour-hire operator in Melbourne is facing Court for allegedly breaching sham contracting laws and underpaying two employees.
Court dismisses legal action
5 Jun 2015
The Federal Circuit Court has dismissed the Fair Work Ombudsman’s legal action against a Perth electrical business.
Chinese workers short-changed $36,000
4 Jun 2015
Chinese nationals working at an Adelaide take-away food shop were paid as little as $12 an hour, a Fair Work Ombudsman investigation has revealed.
Court action over failure to pay compensation
2 Jun 2015
A Victorian petrol station operator fined more than $120,000 last year for deliberately underpaying staff is again facing legal action – this time for allegedly ignoring an order to pay compensation to an unfairly dismissed employee.
Transport company admits underpaying driver to cut wages bill for competitive edge
1 Jun 2015
A transport company has admitted deliberately underpaying one of its drivers because the only way it could remain competitive was to cut its wages bill.

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